Power Electronics

Welcome to the power electronics area of the site. Here you will find a variety of power electronics projects which I have worked on and completed. Each project has its own separate page where images and videos are used as much as possible to describe the design and results as concisely as I can. The pages also link to their respective appendix areas to provide more details to those who are interested.

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Class-E PCB Prototype Circuit

An efficiency-optimized input & output impedance matched 6.78MHz CEPA was designed using Keysight ADS with 89% simulated efficiency.
An Autodesk Eagle designed double layer PCB prototype achieved 71% efficiency.

MCR-WPT PSC Prototype Circuit

A Multi-Layer Magnetically Coupled Resonant Wireless Power Transmission (MCR-WPT) Printed Spiral Coils (PSC) system operating at 6.78MHz for use in portable electronics.
Developed a design process to simulate and achieve optimal PSC shape for target requirements using Keysight Momentum and EMPro

Maximum Peak Detection and Auto-Tuning feedback control loop

An analog maximum peak detection and auto-tuning feedback control loop that improves efficiency when separation distance of Magnetically Coupled Resonant Wireless Power Transmission (MCR-WPT) Coils were less than the critical coupling distance. Simulated results showed settling times of 1ms or less with up to 3.4x efficiency improvement.