Class-E PCB Prototype experimental test circuit

An efficiency-optimized input & output impedance matched 6.78MHz CEPA was designed using Keysight ADS with 89% simulated efficiency. An Autodesk Eagle designed double layer PCB prototype achieved 71% efficiency.

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Design Prototype

Class-E Prototype experimental setup circuit blocks
Output Peak voltage42Vpeak
Input DC Current0.69A
Efficiency   (with Vsupply = 36V, Rout = 50Ω)  71%
Class-E Measurement Results

Video link showing the top and bottom view of the Class E PCB prototype:

Design Schematic

Class-E final design schematic
Output Power17.9W
Input DC Power19.9W
Efficiency 89.8%
Class-E Simulation Results

Class-E Design Process

Class-E Design Methodology flow chart

A quick Step by step walkthrough of the design flow is shown here in appendix A.
Also a YouTube video showing the design process is provided below at the video link is found HERE.